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KIS ISLAND (a birthday poem for Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)

KIS Island [KIS Island]

Here I stand, beneath shadeless cover
Of the wraith-like, bald trees
Shooting wearied stares at my rain-barren clouds
As I plead for words to rhyme with rhythm

I beseech thee, heir of wordsmiths
Let ink run through my veins
Fecundate the uterus of my apprentice mind
With the phallus of your quill

Show me the path to the island of KIS
Where the twin doves
Of bare-breasted Muse mother
Seek the healing caress of Apollos

Where the streams ever flow
From the ageless loins of poetry
With the flickering pastiche of the yellow sun
Dancing upon the watery face of the River KIS

I sit at your footstool,
To be taught in classes of printed pages
As I slowly come to see the visions
Of what my words can really do

*For the Author of the poetry collection ‘What Can Words Do?’

Written by: Okechukwu Elosiuba Rhema 

Author: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

KIS, author of two poetry collections, ‘WHAT CAN WORDS DO?’ and ‘I SAID THESE WORDS’, is an award-winning Nigerian writer, photographer, and media professional with experience in journalism, PR, publishing and media management. In 2016, he was listed in Nigerian Writers Awards’ list of 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL NIGERIAN WRITERS UNDER 40. The same year 2016, he won the Nigerian Writer’s Award for ‘Best Poet In Nigeria 2015.’ he had also won the Orange Crush 1st Prize for Poetry in 2012.
He is the CEO of Words Rhymes & Rhythm LTD.

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