All I could hear was the tune of my cry In the subversive cold of the darkness, My hands went searching for the comfort of my birth As I lay in my mother’s warmth filled arms My toys were handmade from care Piled up for the loneliness that shares the freedom Of a helpless child… Continue reading IN MY MOTHER’S ARMS


A virtuous woman I call a mother; The best amongst the best Pillar amongst pillars Mother in the market place Closest of all friends In good times and ugly She is always there for me When all creature sleep and slumber, My mother is always on her knees Sending petitions up yonder Praying success into… Continue reading GOD GIVEN MA


Never say “No”! I nod, this story I know Quite well, except the end. I ponder this as I lay in bed A woman is a needle Thrown into an ocean Many will try to cross that hurdle And fulfill the mission To possess a tamed bird I ask. “Is the needle now the bird?”… Continue reading YES OR NO?


Her quavering voice touched me; Said she was eighty seven And she stays on her own. She fought with cancer; He took a quarter of her lung But she won the battle! Now breathing comes tough Yet, she embraces life everyday! Her phone was dead, The only window to the outside world; She was disabled… Continue reading SHE WAS EIGHTY SEVEN


A blood-filled surge prompts a spew, but odd timings saw all down her fleshy drain and I resumed with banged efforts and permutations and more squirting of pulsating jets, but no news to whisper, oh, no tidings! * * * * Holding back blames, we saw through ourselves against the prying eyes of a curious… Continue reading SPURTING SPREE

EMERE (Daughter of the spiritual realm by Bada Yusuf Amoo)

See her glow like a yellow moon See beauty dinning on her flawless skin Her straight legs caress the earth gently. See, her pointed nose, see her luscious lips See her succulent looking cleavages Men neglect their doings to gaze at her! I am a man, my eye take their share And like a furious… Continue reading EMERE (Daughter of the spiritual realm by Bada Yusuf Amoo)


Ekpein, my son, I once faltered on a palm High up there I almost passed I was dried like pond fish On the altar, back to life, Trying to prepare you for Life’s rungs In the eerie dead of the night I traversed Ogbugo forestscapes Trapping snails and fishes, Tilling yams and Nourishing plantains To… Continue reading KIRIGINA

ACCURSED‏ (for kidnappers of Kanene Okonjo)

Woe to the womb that harbored you And the pair of breasts you sucked too! Cursed be the night that you were born And all its stars that glowed in turn, ..For you boldly harmed wilted breast! Cursed be the name that you now bear Let doom replace the blessings there; Cursed be your shadow,… Continue reading ACCURSED‏ (for kidnappers of Kanene Okonjo)