She birthed in me these seeds: Resourcefulness, decorum and faithfulness When my bones recline Trailing the weaknesses of my flesh Her knees become a tripod. With tears she’d watered my hardened soil Made them soft, a nursery bed Where she would plant those seeds That would sprout into an oak That, for ages, would tarry… Continue reading MOMA


All I could hear was the tune of my cry In the subversive cold of the darkness, My hands went searching for the comfort of my birth As I lay in my mother’s warmth filled arms My toys were handmade from care Piled up for the loneliness that shares the freedom Of a helpless child… Continue reading IN MY MOTHER’S ARMS


A virtuous woman I call a mother; The best amongst the best Pillar amongst pillars Mother in the market place Closest of all friends In good times and ugly She is always there for me When all creature sleep and slumber, My mother is always on her knees Sending petitions up yonder Praying success into… Continue reading GOD GIVEN MA