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It’s all so wrong
Condemnation of the mind
So I’m scribbling this letter
To make it all better

These words might sound sad
Like goodbye forever
But they‘re only meant to bring you blessings
Think of me from now wherever you are
Don’t cry, but laugh in hope, son,
‘Cause hope is all we have to hold.

For now, son
I’m packing my bags,
Hopes dreams and aspirations
These seats don’t hold answers for me no more

I’ll be facing the dusty roads,
Tackling the uneven crags’
This promises to be an unpleasant ride
But for you, child, I’ll face the grotesque

My name is Zanele Nelly Tyutula. I was born the youngest of 9 children (of which three have passed) on April 17 in the year 1984 to Eunice Dambisa Tyutula, my mother, and the late Rabson Ebsom Moyo, my father.

I started my schooling at Witkoppen Primary School and went on to attend five different schools from primary to high school until I finally dropped out in the 10th Grade.

I grew up a quiet reserved child. I was more of a loner and got bullied in primary school a lot but found it hard to relate my pain, fears and troubles to people and family in fear of being mocked.

On January 1st 2001, my eldest brother who meant a lot to the family, passed on and the pen became my solace. I started writing poetry seriously.

In 2005 I gave birth to my son and the same year I started working odd jobs.

Some of the poems I write are letters to my son, filled with love.

As a young child I’d draw pictures just to ease my mind. But as I grew older, I somehow grew out of drawing. However, I still needed a friend who would listen quietly. That friend I found in pen and paper.
I found poetry, metaphors and stanzas as a remedy whenever I feel down. So writing has been my therapy. Whenever I became frustrated, I recite my poetry out loud.

At the moment, I am still an aspiring poet, trying to find standing ground. But poetry is my life, the only thing I believe in.

That’s why I’m grateful for platforms such as this where poetry is shared and comments given for the growth of a poet. I believe someday I’ll be looking back at this day with a smile of gratitude. The day when I’ll be on world stages performing my poetry.

When ma’am Zanele Nelly Tyutula came unto the WRRPoetry scene, I was rather held aback by the consistency of her comments. She always had a kind word to offer to every single poet…and their poems. She would most times be the first to comment and would stay back to respond to follow back with replies.
Funny enough, she never asked that her poem be featured until I personally got unto here case and forced he to submit one. The poem got several comments and many were amazed that she had remained in the shadows for so long.

We share a lot, as far as life experiences are concerned and I found her a kind soul. Ma’am Zanele’s calm and responsive nature would make one think she has had life as a bed of roses.
I’m glad I know her and I hope her dreams become reality faster than she hopes.

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  • Nayomie

    wow, this is beautiful

  • Sam de Poet

    Nice poem, her dreams will surely come to pass, she is definitely talented…

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