52 YEARS! (by Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor)

Now you are 52 –
Yesterday is past.

We recall 1960;
1967-1970 still tell stories –
Of course, no victor no vanquished.

The sun sets at dawn,
Children down with kwashiorkor.
Khaki boys from barracks have gotten a koboko –
A change in this Obodo,
Many Olodos eating cocoa.

Now you are 52 –
The present is here.

1999 is historic;
Apples killed the Serpent –
A journey into democracy.

Twenty naira suddenly become an identity card
Arrest the thieves and leave the chief.
Plane crashes,
Bombs are ahead –
Pastors have sewn odeshi belts.

Now you are 52 –
What comes tomorrow?

You are a giant;
Your dreams are unique,
But on the brink.
You can not break up!

meet the poet: Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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  • Absolutely what I had in mind for this day! This is where Icurrently find our dear nation . At 52, some of us still have this pipe dream of Nigeria, the giant of Africa. What a shame! Liars, Liars, Liars. These politicians haven’t change at all! What baffles me is this: is Nigeria your father’s property? This and many more I hear. Ah! I must stop the rant now. Just wanted to say you and your pals are true writers and poet. Your words are undiluted.

    • Its such an annoying thing , knowing how rich the nation is….and they keep telling us there is a brighter future. Yes, it may be bright, but how do we get there when there are giants pushing us away from there.

  • I call it recycling of politicians. And you are right, bro! Nothing barely moves. Take the increase in fuel price for example. They claimed it would do a lot of good to Nigerians, but what are we seeing today? Fuel scarcity still rocks our gas stations! What about Boko-Haram? Or the senseless privatization of NEPA to PHCN (Please Hold Your Candles Now)?

    God help us. We are in for a bumpy ride.

    • They have no answers to existing questions and still go on to create more…its terrible.

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