IM(P)OSSIBLE Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! .. Failure: Fail Lure? Wail! .. Achievable: Achieve Able? Receive! .. Strive Thrive. STANZA 1: Impossible: Imp Possible? Wimp! *Here, I took a journey into the meaning of Impossible: IMP as a noun is a demon that has wings IMP as a verb means to give wings to someone or… Continue reading IM(P)OSSIBLE


I give you my words, much I may not know Maiden with fairest mind and ample thought To disprove the new love found in Lili’s court Suckled hearts are left with dregs where buds grow A landscape of tamed roses grow slow Even in summer and solstice draught: Moulded to preen an arrogant cut Miles… Continue reading SONNET OF LOVE


That is not a smile creasing his fair face; It is only the work of the practiced brush Of a heart, seeking only to maim and crush. Escape, before you’re lost in his embrace! His heart knows naught of what his lips birth; The ‘I love yous’ are nothing but empty words Don’t listen, else… Continue reading THAT IS NOT A SMILE


Poverty, You murdered my dream And now I am chasing nightmares Of hungry monsters! Poverty, You know thin flesh covers my belly I only know the softness lying inside See, I am a saint who has no tale to tell Even If I tell, the listeners will not listen For flash of fears will taint… Continue reading POVERTY


I saw a soldier by the church steps Behind the pile that now smokes. His torn tunic showed bloody biceps, His eyed reddened like a fire stoked. His tears ground a trough On hollow cheeks withered and sunken, His neck thick and rough, His once sturdy legs weak and broken. From the field of fierce… Continue reading RED EYED SOLDIER


Death, Judgement, Heaven, Hell Four last things the soul knows well. All of time shall end that day, But when it is I cannot say. Day of wrath and doom impending, When all things shall have an ending, What shall I, frail man, be pleading, Who for me be interceding? What shall I answer in… Continue reading DIES IRAE