MR RACIST by Jesse Asonze

Recently had a chat with a racist Who wasn’t shy to admit he was supremacist His words were filled with hate I pitied him because his hatred may never abate If you are like him, change before it is too late And you can’t avoid any longer ill fate I have heard of them But… Continue reading MR RACIST by Jesse Asonze

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CRIES FROM SOWETO: by Ayodeji A. Adeyemi

Cries from Soweto Ashes to ashes dust to dust when shall we stop ubieting our bald sons? or when shall we cease nursing our uglified rape victims? songs of sorrow has escaped our bruised lips the nation’s dirge sobs strong with salty fluids from heavy eyes cries became our antiphon before the open earth we… Continue reading CRIES FROM SOWETO: by Ayodeji A. Adeyemi


We are Africans, the blacks, The integral part of your existence The origin of arts and innovations, Importers of your imaginations Blessed are the blacks unborn. Without The Blacks, Who buys your magic and witchcraft How can you feed and get clothed?. Racism must be stoned to death, When its day, The sun is always… Continue reading WITHOUT THE BLACKS

“HANDS UP”, “DON’T SHOOT”: a dirge for Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown

“don’t shoot” “officer, see, my hands are both up lower your gun, my hands won’t drop” but the lawman’s gun remained pointing soon, desperate bullets it began spurting so the raised hands drop earth lost a soul wasted, cheated…soon to fill a six-feet hole one bullet, one choke-hold a life ends, without being old “why… Continue reading “HANDS UP”, “DON’T SHOOT”: a dirge for Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown


  I wish these problems would end I wish warring tribes could be best of friend I wish for an end to inter-religious conflicts I wish we could live, ignoring religious differences I wish these KILLINGS would stop I wish CORRUPTION, would stop I wish our leaders can be like Abiola I wish they will… Continue reading A WISH I WISH