You’ve stitched tears on our faces And has made us to tread On the walkway of anguish You have weaved sadness on our hearts After stitching optimism of empty promises On our unclad mind You have clothed us With black attire of poverty As you murder prosperity away The homes fought for by our ancestors… Continue reading THE TAILOR


All I could hear was the tune of my cry In the subversive cold of the darkness, My hands went searching for the comfort of my birth As I lay in my mother’s warmth filled arms My toys were handmade from care Piled up for the loneliness that shares the freedom Of a helpless child… Continue reading IN MY MOTHER’S ARMS


Oh Elite! You the shining light of today Blessed with riches (yours alone you say) Life genuflects and offers you pleasantries Sauntering across Life’s witty boundaries Will you continue to stare we that eat hay? We rendered prayers We offered alms We centered passions We gathered courage How pathetic. My soul cowers! Tell me, if… Continue reading OH ELITE!