YOUR MOTHER’S LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria

Gasping for breath… temperature rising… heart thumping Thud! Thud! Faster thud!! Thud!! Thud!!! Conflicting emotions… hazy figures… moving shadows Is that the sky? How come its looks so static, so flat so white? A heart piercing scream… excruciating pain… It’s unbearable, I can’t cope, I can’t do this But tiny hands, tiny feet, innocence, I have… Continue reading YOUR MOTHER’S LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria


Ever seen a man who lost his soul? Left with his heart rigid like a stone His humanity can be seen, but through a hole His life, his seeds will live to atone He’s like a gastropod A yard away from his shell Sojourns without his conscience onboard Seeks for pleasure in itinerary of hell… Continue reading #BringBackOurGirls: SHALL WE WAIT STILL


Awake from slumber, my dear little child! For your days fall to the wails of the wild Like fresh luscious leaves dropping dead From wilting woods that pecker dread The warring worms have eaten your face Down to a dense fragment of disgrace For years abound to mock the wisdom of age As toddling tongues… Continue reading CHILDREN OF TODAY


Market women keep bargaining in my head every second, I breathe hate In death camp, no warmth Must my blood be propitiation? Am I not worth more than a bet? Patriotism or victimization Out of reach of my loved ones where exist a glow absent here No saviour is yet forthcoming to rescue me… somebody’s… Continue reading #BringBackOurGirls: SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER


Like a broken heart Singing dirge to a fruitless womb Like a sad mind Chanting lullaby For a dead foetus Wandering wonders Befuddling bleeding heart of a young poet What will become of her? Her glowing eye balls Her seductive lips Her tempting figure Testify that she is of noble birth But why is she… Continue reading BEAUTY IN VAIN