A ROOM WITH A CREAKING DOOR by Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

(For Pa Salami) What do you see in your sleep? Layout of your very room barfed with dusts, Sickening smell and a metropolis of cobwebs, Then a voice standing like a reaper To pull emotions into drip of deeps. You see everything Behind your creaking door. Creaking door. Creaking door. Winds walk with their fingers… Continue reading A ROOM WITH A CREAKING DOOR by Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau


Today, we gather at the village square To witness the funeral Of our yet living throne-men. They have all kissed us With their turtle lips Dripping of innocent blood The crown and scepter The beaded neck and golden sit Today, we deny you, Akogun Kolawolu You whose gun never fails to sing dirges To the… Continue reading LIES


Announce to the market of familiar strangers O’birth crier! Inform them in the city of the under-sun Chalk the name of our visitor on the cheek of Life. Quickly! Remember, he is wayfarer Drag the gold shielded ram to the market place sound the gong of announcement let our feet grope the shameful sand Abiku… Continue reading ABIKU


One evening I sat amidst the gossiping winds Reading the dailies Sweet voices come calling From a distance, ‘Oyin ladun osan’ (The orange’s sweetness is honey) Gripped within by unseen compassion I forced my focus On the loss Super Eagles gained Brother, shey e’era osan? (Brother, will you buy oranges?) Lifted my eyes to see… Continue reading OMO OLOSAN 1


Like the drops of rain on a thirsty ground Like the gleaming moon in the darkest night …inspiration comes! It is… the instigator of our pen a light unto their paths a song in their mouth as the truths of the world (and the lies too) become characters on paper Without inspiration I am like… Continue reading INSPIRATION