PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu

About 17 thousand of us were taken Only seven of us survived The torture I was only a local mechanic But I was asked about my connections with the CIA And the KGB Of course I didn’t know these I panicked I told them anything I could think of All the while in prison I… Continue reading PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu


Marriage is imprisonment there are happy inmates to whom freedom is never a wish and the stressed mates who desperately seek an end to their terms None can say ‘Nay’ or ‘Aye’ For the prison keys, in your hands lie To the gates you may, anyday But parenthood is a life term Beautiful or stressful… Continue reading SELF-JAILED


Born in the theatre of natural plenty Breast-fed and mid-wifed by capitalist selfishness A colonial and exploitative social formation We were told to close our eyes for prayers And all we had were carted away They said we were a dark continent That we had no history That we were from the lineage of apes… Continue reading SLAVERY