I have been to that place Where nothing else but grace Keeps the heart from going astray; Where the roads change even if you pray! Then you wonder why, despite your faith, Your hope’s in desperate, swaddling swathe! Tears of intercession blind your eyes And you ask Heaven so many whys. Barefoot you trek for… Continue reading NARROW STRAITS


  White hands, black hands and other coloured hands Descriptions we dance with Accompanying smells. Sweats and perfumes in an odious mix The gains of corporations Meetings. Gesticulations Hands flailing, lips quavering Everyone has to talk Silence means you’re either lost or stupid Amplified by the “everyone is important” code We spew forth in numbers… Continue reading THE CORPORATIONS


  Nobody hires anybody for anythingExcept to make moneyFor themselves from whatthat person can do.Nobody, anybody. There are always at least a dozen people out thereWho can do the very same thing equally wellyou have your choiceno need to be stuck with a know it allSay who rubs you the wrong way. You have people… Continue reading HUMANS


We are casualties again. Placards displayed, songs chanted, Of marginalization and liberation. Wafting through the busy street, Our bodies are left with their injuries. Of their annoyance, We are all casualties again. We are casualties again. Arms brandished, bitter expressions Written all over their faces, anger. Oil Installations up in flames, burnings unstopped, Our bodies… Continue reading CASUALTIES


The world is merging Continents are melding Not by space Not by time Consequence of media fusing strangers Traditions clash We get shocked Ways of one Taboo to another Diverse in background, uniform in humanity Africans bleach, Caucasians tan We’re fast becoming one clan We tinker, we compromise


Awake from slumber, my dear little child! For your days fall to the wails of the wild Like fresh luscious leaves dropping dead From wilting woods that pecker dread The warring worms have eaten your face Down to a dense fragment of disgrace For years abound to mock the wisdom of age As toddling tongues… Continue reading CHILDREN OF TODAY


The shining sun stared sternly at the busy earth mortal clays jumped here and there with toiling hands and their suffering sweat brought out tears from the sun’s eyes through steep paths from bush to roads, heavy loads travelled on bent backs to noisy markets beggars begging beggars short skirt stood by the road side… Continue reading I SAW THE SUN WEEP