OUR ARTIFICIAL AFRICA: by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

When the birds were heard rapping Stead of singing and wings flapping It was obvious some things had gone wrong And nature wouldn’t have them to its belong When Coca Cola replaced coconut Our women dress fine, somewhat Men feel more presentable in suit and tie Take every drink with a meat in pie Africa… Continue reading OUR ARTIFICIAL AFRICA: by Oppong Clifford Benjamin


We lived and grew beneath the soil Joyful in our minds that we toil To someday come out us cassabreties Signing autographs at festivities Shoulders lifted up high Teeth pushing out when saying ‘hi’ It was morning, we heard harsh knocks First time disturbed in our sweet underworld The ants and termites say, “They can’t… Continue reading THE CASSAVA TOO IS A FRUIT


For the world, unwillingly Africa toiled, not sparingly Like locusts in a leafy field Africans worked without sunshield The nations of progress Are the showcases of African process At heart is success Away from thought is ‘to mess’ Look at the Super Power They could have been lower Were it not for the African back… Continue reading BUILDERS OF THE WORLD


My stance is cast, Pelt me with pebbles of hate Cast me in the armor of prejudice I shall remain the debris of my yesterday For the offspring of tomorrow Must not be awash by strangers’ drum beat My past is my today, The ancestors gaze down at me Faces endlessly stern I must not… Continue reading I WEEP BECAUSE…[2]

MY HEART BLEEDS! (a lament for Nigeria)

Sitting at the feet of Sahara, Watching my tales by the moonlight… Black but gold I am: I toiled and ploughed Sweated through my veins And great my harvest was. My stories changed With the appearance of beings clad in white layers! They combed through my thick and thin And with the marriage of 1914,… Continue reading MY HEART BLEEDS! (a lament for Nigeria)