ONLY A STEP: Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

The very fabric Of this nation, Torn!torn before sewn. Yes!this multicoloured fabric! This nation died, Right before it was born, Crippled right before it won The right to walk like a prepared bride! We were once one, United as one nation, Living in tranquility mansion. Dependent on each other as trigger to gun But now…… Continue reading ONLY A STEP: Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka


I did not feel the tingle I had just finished the race But I did not feel the thrill. The exhilarating feelings that comes with winning was alien. I did not feel it I did not feel like I worth it I did not feel the tingle I had fought the good fight But I… Continue reading STALE


Sitting here alone, confined to my troubles Breaded by my worries that pierce through my marrows I long for an escape from these troubles that compound my worries Worries tearing through the depth of my marrows Troubles from my worries, wondering about the future… Of unborn child and the cruelty of unsterilized knives Of girl… Continue reading OH! MY SWEET NIGHTINGALE


We have come again from the gloomy dark passing through pot-holes of smoky flames searching for a home to dwell. We have come again with our bony carcass living deads in fading caskets to eat from the barren coconut tree weeping without water in it’s womb. We have come again chanting the songs of liberation… Continue reading WE HAVE COME AGAIN


Our coast is weaving down Like a knitted braid Falling fast like ripe cashews Littering the earth in “creche” disgust Flapping sideways like sagged breasts Milked dry by herdsmen. Our rivers like ‘Nassarawa’ deserts Have had it’s busy share Of desperate tourists Making a match to milk and honey Unminding the deaths done to crabs… Continue reading WEAVING DOWN


They shun vigour and rigour pitch their tents near the hut of ineptitude… Mediocres passing off as statesmen! They forced us our dismembered spirit to kiss the dust laid a wreath on our tomb while still alive hobnobbing with decayed morality… Pretenders in garb of defenders! They feast on our gullibility while their divisive methods… Continue reading TRAITORS OF PRINCIPLES