With my feather and inkwell I’ll express my state of mind On my scrolls I’ll pen my bitterness towards mankind Until respect and tolerance is shown to womankind Ne’er will my feather wither, ne’er will my ink cease Until that cruel man stops being a dictator And to her, he’s actions are no longer a… Continue reading THEN WILL MY PEN CEASE


These scars I earned On the night your father Pounced on me in drunken stupor Because my food pleased not his tongue Many a night, I’ve neared the cliffs of death My beauty vanished by the magic of beatings For I was but a drum happily beaten Forced to make beautiful sounds What choice did… Continue reading THE SCAR


Someone take me back to that broom-jumping hall Because when I run-off, I know I won’t be caught You jewel a knuckle with precious gold But the soul, you tattoo with hurt at every crow My love, my master, and foe This really dark glasses The proof of your love undying It hates not just… Continue reading FOR YOUR BEATING PLEASURE


Look me in the face, a little closely I hope you notice the fading scars Yes my wounds are healing gradually I could have run off in a heartbeat When hell splashed its magma and lava My limbs were too weak To carry me far from my worries If I had fallen by the road… Continue reading I HAVE A CHOICE


You; Sweet as the rose, Fair as the lily, Slender like the sugar cane stalk, Voice like the robin’s, Crowned like the palm… Why are you then A beggar without choice? Paw-paw envies your jugs, Elephant eyes your rump, Peacock hides her plumes, Nightingale goes mute …Even the wind pauses! How did you become A… Continue reading BEGGAR WITHOUT CHOICE‏

WOMAN, MAN… (a poem in parts)

I.    WOMAN Inherent in every woman is the desire To nurture and behold the fruit of her womb The kicks within her belly give her pain and pleasure With inquisitive gaze she looks into the future The thought of concealed gift floods her mind II.    MAN You creature unfeeling as wooden frame With the dangling… Continue reading WOMAN, MAN… (a poem in parts)