A time shall come when the prolific garden in our heart shall burn down to ashes A time shall come when nightmares assail our sleep, chastising dreams with unleashed terror. A time shall come when the blazing sun shall burn to embers, and flaky snow of ashes shall rain down on mortals. A time shall… Continue reading TIME WILL TELL (A PROPHECY) by Adeosun Pelumi

GEHENNA: by Aremu Adams Adebisi

Gehenna, The long narrow thorny pass Through furnaces over some muddy floors, Terribly disgusting to lost lamb’s souls; Sending forth malignant odors To their ephemeral bodies. Gehenna, Unaccessed by the living; dungeon of their deeds. The reward of some vituperative mortals – Those with elusive repudiation of its terror state. In the darkness, their darknesses… Continue reading GEHENNA: by Aremu Adams Adebisi


I live by your word Lord Equipped by your spirit Your lead is my desire Guide me till the end of time Heavens… Angels’ wings gloriously shown The majesty throne and honours Heads bow down with thunderous worship I wanna be there… My baritone voice singing ‘Hosanna!’ My eternal home at last Never will it… Continue reading HEAVENS


The stables of heaven are risen And hell plummets and sets low In its abyss lay fruits forbidden And my brother I know Holds love for the curs’d amid Eden Nights have I spent on strumpet calls And day on drunk drinks till night falls ‘Times, what my neighbor holds I find value Most times… Continue reading LAWS OF GOD & MAN


The light is no more glowing Tremors of destruction starting to show The mirage of peace that once existed is now at an end Babies cry in the streets with no one to tend The beginning of the end… Looming darkness and destruction Foretold through the ages Of when would earth would begin to fold… Continue reading THE DREAM