Toh! Na ask I say make I ask, because if I no ask, e go be like say I no kia! Hellfire don come we kontri? Tins no come be as e take de be before. Our pipul no dey tink laik homo sapiens again. E be like say dem exchange hed with fish Things… Continue reading HELL FIRE DON COME WE KONTRI?


When the unpardonable is pardoned, And the pardoner is unwilling to punish the unpardoned, Then it’s either the pardoner is unreasonable in his pardoning; Or the pardoned has bribed his way into the pardoner’s heart. Arise oh compatriots and look, but ye shall look in vain! When the questionable is not questioned And the questioner… Continue reading POLITRICKSTERS


“I love you quite dearly. I started loving you quite early. While my friends read math, I studied your birth…” “I promise to make you quite happy, I am not like others, no, not sappy. I shall serve you, and be not selfish, Give myself to grant your every wish.” That’s what they all say,… Continue reading SUITORS

BROS OBAMA (Obama victory ramblings)

Bros Obama, You have made us proud And our heads are high As we celebrate. Bros Obama, It has been a long walk, A path to freedom, A narrow bridge down success lane, A forward march! Because a change has come, We know, “Yes, we can!” Bros Obama, We no longer dream dreams, They have… Continue reading BROS OBAMA (Obama victory ramblings)

WINKING IN THE DARK (of life and politics)

I. Blinded by their greed, They plundered their land Until it became smelly debris…! Loud echoes resound from a long dead present, Mocking voices reverberate in prejudiced mockery, …All crying to high, voidless ears. Children shiver from the corrupt coughs Of their house heads, While neighbors laugh at their macabre world! II. Beat me! Gag… Continue reading WINKING IN THE DARK (of life and politics)


They come again to spit their words, Our self-crowned Lords. What have we not heard? Are we not the gullible herd? Their words flow like rain Only to flow into the drain. In colors of rainbow they paint A blissful tomorrow with no taint. And with words that tease our hopes, They push us down… Continue reading POLITRICKS