THE CROSS by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

The Cross was here, And there it came Behind you, before you. It went everywhere, And ended sin’s thuds. But woe is he Who on a cross Is hanged like a watch. He bore the cross and woe, Dissapointed the foe – Everywhere the cross went, Leaving a footprint On our desert land.


In this dark corner, I bend and brood On the desolation unleashed upon my land Such tremulous monody I’m wont to sing Concerning the crescent and the cross Two strange visitors outstripping the host And we like the proverbial mourner, Crying far more than the bereaved Divided, we keep widening the gaps Along both ethnic… Continue reading THE CRESCENT AND THE CROSS


I was affixed by His right, on a tree. The Crucifixion was allotted for three. There, I gazed upon His eyes And knew He was crucified based on a lie. I was crucified on His left. This death bed, I detest. So, in rage I mocked Him Who they called The King of the Jews.… Continue reading MY LAST CHANCE


Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! Christ is risen from the dead, He has broken Satan’s chain And lives again our glorious head, No one need in hell remain For the grave took Him instead And He cleansed us from sin’s stain, Hell no more should be our bed, Alleluia our refrain, Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! O felix culpa,… Continue reading O FELIX CULPA


First, He had no defender His Father forsook Him His bosom friends rejected Him Denial was the gift of His closest ally Yet, another betrayed Him. Also His beneficiaries reneged The malicious crowd despised Him The blood-thirsty rabid crowd Cheered the mercenary Roman soldiers To execute horror and terror. Arriving Golgotha hill Wicked nails and… Continue reading SCARS OF THE CROSS

I KISSED THE HAND THAT KILLED ME (of unconditional love)

I kissed the hand that killed me. I washed the feet that kicked me. With my hair I dried your legs… Sweet ointments, I spread upon your chest. But you fed me scorpion tails, You my master-pieces. My creation of fate Mixed with love and peace. I shielded you from the Sun and watered your… Continue reading I KISSED THE HAND THAT KILLED ME (of unconditional love)