THIS RED by James Oboba

Beguiling elephant umbrella Purity-cum-red is corruption Food-cum-danger(red) is bait A bermuda beauty This red have made you What a mockery of goodness! White and green won’t make you a dove I tag you a woeful wolf Though more rueful and mournful Under your covering Yet wholly wet by melted ice Shriek! Sucks like a leech… Continue reading THIS RED by James Oboba


Diagnosis shows leukemia Oops! That’s a killer How long do I count? Or will I a cure get? No, not a cure Just transfusion To keep you going O- is my blood group SC my genotype Who’ll be my donor? I don’t just know! That’s a difficult one! There’s no match here Go find a… Continue reading BLOOD DONOR


Never dreamt of falling in love never gave the future a second thought those who wine and dine in love, I hiss at not until I found you, my sweetheart meeting you was the happiest thing that ever happened to me climbing together the tree of love was my only adventure in life “I’l stay… Continue reading ELEYELE


“The pill did not work Afraid am I Can’t carry this child Clear this Lest we meet our doom” Numbness cut into his heart Lust had stolen his conscience “Sister, we can sin no more To kill human” Words boiled in tears His walk started in the park Ended in the sea He was the… Continue reading BORN OF BLOOD


The river Overflows Not with water From yesterday’s rain But with blood Innocent blood There is blood Everywhere Here, there And everywhere Driplets, droplets Rivulets, streamlets In learning places In sacred spaces In the hearth On the homestead By the sidewalks In the dancing arena The streets have become Runnels of blood As the river… Continue reading BLOOD ON THE MOON


Our treasury drains to the swamps Commercial ventures fall to decay, Unrighteous judgment sits in our courts Mediocrity paints our institutions Hunger reigns in our streets Our children sleep famished Our youth bow in despondence Our elders weep in shame Our fields irrigated by rivers of innocent blood Our farmlands blackened by fires of desolation… Continue reading A DANCE OF IGNOMINY


“We have been through many storms, fought many wars, and still face constant attacks. Through it all we shall not perish or fall, for we carry the future on our backs” “ ~ Relevant. We wept until blood rolled down There was no one to hold our hands As poverty and war wiped our tears… Continue reading OUR BATTLES