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THE FATHER’S SON by Jeremiah Abaire

I have a father
A father and friend; the best ever
Who cares for me, even in my blunder
He strengthens me to get stronger
He motivates me to get better

Despite the weather
He pushes me to go further
Be it in summer or in winter
I desire to be a son like my father
Living by His principles and order

Only great fathers like my father;
Could father a son like me, to become an achiever
A son, becoming a great leader
Living by my father’s excellent character

To grow bigger, to get better
And to fly higher
This is my prayer
Oh! to become like my father
A son of the Most High, who reigns forever

THE FATHER'S SON by Jeremiah Abaire

THE FATHER’S SON by Jeremiah Abaire

Author: Jeremiah Abaire

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