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PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu

About 17 thousand of us were taken
Only seven of us survived
The torture

I was only a local mechanic
But I was asked about my connections with the CIA
And the KGB

Of course I didn’t know these
I panicked
I told them anything I could think of

All the while in prison
I thought of the pregnant wife,
The life I’d left behind

But the torture kept me company
Electricity was drilled through my ears
It felt like fire was exploding in my eyes

My toenails were viciously torn out
I was once beaten for twelve days straight!
The Khmer Rouge are not human!

Then one day
Inmates of another prison were brought
Among them, my wife, and the son I never knew

The killing was to begin, then
Run! Run! Run! We made a run for it
But my wife and son never made it

Now the killers are being tried
They have mattresses, televisions,
Access to health care facilities in their prison cells

While in prison (cries) I didn’t have trousers to put on
Big people will always live better than we do
Even in prison

They say that we’ll get justice
We will never get justice!
I never trust the system

Where is my family now? Where are my wife and son?
The dead don’t sleep easy in Cambodia
Nor, still, do the living


PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu

PRISON S-21 (The Aljazeera Perspective) by Hannatu Adamu

Author: Hannatu Adamu

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