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MISS PELL: Pweenx Orlieturn Hadarms

A current lady in kings school
Who everyone had thought was cool.
She lived downtown the street of Sloke
Whose pathway’s dirts can make one choke.
She had some chubby mini clothes
And chubby hands and chubby nose.
In pink she dressed in flashing gown
That disagreed with shoes of brown.
And skirts she wore at times of blue
Which showed her knees and fat thighs too.

This chubby lady named Miss Pell
Who taught children in shriek and yell.
Her students seemingly less bright
For that happened they learnt in fright.
The whips and lashes made of teak
Would sound before Miss Pell would speak;
As silent murmurs made her bawl
Which made her run her rods on all.

The students had to live in gall
As none was brave to make a call.
Then it happened a morning so
A lanky boy had pierce her blow.
(It seems I failed to let you know
Miss Pell can’t spell a word to show.
Upon her bookish brighter side
This word has fallen right aside.)

This lanky boy has asked Miss Pell
To spell ‘misspell’ for all to spell.
She quivered at the dawn of mess
And spelt ‘misspell’ with missing ‘s’.
The students have had such a swell
‘Alas Miss Pell can’t spell ‘misspell’!’
And so they danced in jest and mock
And this they made their all time talk.


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