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Driver, you stopped by them calling out
In your sugar-coated voice of canvassing
For the need for change and development
And adequate uncommon mobility
That promised a progressive destination.

Driver, you wheeled off when the passengers
Have entrusted in your care their words,
Lives, luggage, and their senses of belongings
After much sufferings under the scorching sun
In the hope for a progressive destination.

Amidst them newly birthed infants
Whose lives totally depend on parenting
And vices society, driven in your vehicle,
Is able to spin to their ignorant minds
In this journey towards a progressive destination.

Youths, sound and capable to conduct
Welfares of your populated passengers,
Though disappointed by their previous drivers
Who gave no room to them in being leaders,
Trusted you with their progressive destination.

Ageings who had served patriotically
In many accidentally-wrecked vehicles
Wouldn’t have hopped in gleefully
If not the need for a progressive destination.

Driver, you understand more their situations
And also bounties you were entrusted with.
You realized you had to make a choice,
In order to erect a bounty factory for sons,
Over the people’s hopes for a progressive destination.

You sped off at full acceleration,
Lying to the ignorant, but hopeful, passengers
Of the need for quick development,
Until you smashed their ride against an obvious rock,
Which led to death of their progressive destinations.

Infants cried under their parents’ noses,
Betrayal showed in the faces of the trusting youths,
Silence is the hearts of the grieving ageings.
Their senses of belongings shattered in due course
As they watched the fading smokes
Of their progressive destinations.


Author: Aremu Adams Adebisi

Aremu Adams Adebisi is a poeticist, a realist and author of the book Transcendence.

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