We are a foremost Nigerian publishing and educational institution.

Operating from Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja, our strong social-service culture and active engagement of the Nigerian audience has seen us grow into a company that is rapidly changing the Nigerian literature landscape. We are committed to maintaining this culture.

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM began in August 2012 as a Facebook-based community of writers, helping each other grow. That culture of ‘helping each other grow' has become our strength, as we actively promote Nigerian writing, acting as a support base for young Nigerian writers and providing client-customized publishing services at competitive rates.

As a publishing company, we offer both traditional and self-publishing services, with preference to young, previously unpublished writers. This bias for young, previously unpublished writers, which is evident in all our operations, is one that we are proud of.

We are however more than a publishing company. We also discover, develop and promote young literary talents through several youth-targeted initiatives, prestigious writing competitions and other recreational activities:

  1. GREEN AUTHOR PRIZE (GAP), a book publishing prize

  2. YouthNGAGE INITIATIVE, an edu-social program

  3. NIGERIAN TEACHERS AWARD (NTA), an award for literature instructors

  4. ERIATA ORIBHABOR POETRY PRIZE (EOPP), an annual poetry competition

  5. BRIGITTE POIRSON POETRY PRIZE (BPPC) , a monthly poetry competition

  6. ALBERT JUNGERS POETRY PRIZE (AJPP), an annual poetry competition

Our core activities, geared towards the realization of our vision of vibrant Nigerian literary industry in the global picture are implemented through three main semi-independent platforms:

  1. AUTHORPEDIA – platform for Nigerian books and authors

  2.  GREEN GRIOTS –platform for Nigerian fiction

  3. WRR POETRY – platform for Nigerian poetry

  4. WRR COLLEGE – virtual classroom

As a corporate entity, WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM Ltd operates with staff, freelancers, volunteers and partners in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and France.

We are dedicated to rewriting the world, one verse at a time.


We organize some of Nigeria’s most prestigious poetry competitions — GREEN AUTHOR PRIZE, BRIGITTE POIRSON POETRY PRIZE, ALBERT JUNGERS POETRY PRIZE and ERIATA ORIBHABOR POETRY PRIZE, and run youth-targeted programmes with the overall aim of promoting literary excellence in Nigeria.

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