The middle of the night When life’s greatest works are achieved, Flooding this space is the moon’s light Aiding to beget words long archived. Not much if you ask me But then, will you? A long-lost returnee Whose felt-tips lack the new.


I can stare at you all day and night, Like the stars in the sky at night. You dazzle me when you twinkle, And tonight, I’m lost in your sparkle. Just like the moon beams at night, Like diamonds, you reflect the light, And in my life, you ignite a flame That glows and warms… Continue reading CELESTIAL GIRL


Of all the love I’ve held no matter the cost; I’ve never let go, love is not lost. Given two eyes, with depth and breadth, a field of vision to behold. Holding this sight Wherein my heart, darkness reels as light explodes it apart.