TALE OF TALES (a drifting nation at 52)

I know the tales of the past But which one is true, I do not know. … They said the white ones came And our elders smiled Into neck chains. I heard they came – with black books – And turned our black skin White with whips. Now, mothers – suited – deny the wrappers,… Continue reading TALE OF TALES (a drifting nation at 52)

PRE-EXISTENCE (by Fr. Albert Jungers)

If I could be before myself Then I might never have been here… But the die was cast, without my help And so I needn’t any fear. My judgment isn’t the one that counts, When all is said and done, But it is He the Throne that mounts And so He is the One. If… Continue reading PRE-EXISTENCE (by Fr. Albert Jungers)

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The Horse’s Neigh

The wind whistles aloud, through my lane;
Like shadows unseen it passes.
And the fierce, busy clouds turn red
But, brave, I stand to conquer my fears.

I murmur in my mind (for nothing),
Yearning within for the taste of Freedom.
Alas, my Freedom is yet to come.
But I see it distant miles ahead.

They have pressed a button. I feel at a pause,
And I steal breaths is desperation;
I have been running, from a distance far away,
But my pace still remains untamed.

The beasts are after me, I shiver in bravery,
Without fears of what is ahead of me.
Oh. My legs caution me, I am not afraid
But I must run (don’t ask me why).

I was born here in this land,
And can dance to the rhythm of its hollow thuds;
I can stand among the best in contest
When it comes, without misplacing a step.

To rent my soul from defeat I pause:
But unknown climates
Feed on my many dreams
And I skip a beat to its rhythm.

As predators draw nearer,
I scuttle along, slowly,
And I begin to hear an the echoes
Of my blinking foot-steps.

My muscles sigh within
And my shadows gasp for breath.
I turned my steps to leaps
And my weakness became huge strength.

With a new found hope, I forge ahead
To a destination of no defeat,
Following unseen paths, out of breath.
I turn and neigh out loud.

Under the cruel tones of the dancing sun and moon,
I shed tears and pled to my feet
As I walk through the shadows of light and darkness,
Withstanding breezes as heavy storms.

Often I find myself beside a pool of water of ignorance
And each time I sink my face into it to drink deeply.
Satisfied, I look ahead to face the fear’s before me
But it only clots the moment with torments!

I have known how life treats; good and bad,
As along I trek, paused to imagine in my heart;
What would life be like
If I could not walk the earth free?

So I walk, towards the destination
The place where the battle must finish;
I trudge ahead in victory, not afraid to fall or fail,
For I must pursue to conquer my fears.

meet the poet: Moses Opara

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Hate Me And Live

It seems I have been known
By fruits only for a brief season sown
True, I do not deny my sins:
That I kept you out in the cold;
That for trifles, your love I sold.

Now your anger hits me like a nightingale’s song.
Yet mirthless like a battle gong.
Your blink at me, venom filled sting.
I dread your muteness for it locks me in a cage
And It dares me not to smile while you rage.

I made haste as the morning sun rose
To catch a glimpse of my Rose.
But my desires dry like the morning dew;
It would not flow and let me enter
This circle of which you are the centre

Why? Is it because I missed my way
That you let me watch Canaan drift away?
Because I faltered (ever so slightly),
You deny me the treasures in the sands
Of our conceived Promised Land?

I fear now that what I daily crave
May elude me until I see my grave!
I seek now my factory mood
That I may play out your demands
But my heart still trembles from your reprimands.

Your voice is the only thing that keeps me sane,
I crave same still. Yet I’ll beckon on it never again.
‘Sanity ‘ should be ‘Me and You’ knitted together, forever.
But you have chosen a path
That pries us apart!

So, hand me that hate,
Take a leap,
Leave me and live!

meet the poet: Owokere A. Etim

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.