Let it rain on the drought-shrouded terrains Let it rain on the meadow and her grains For the ’ember’ stare of the bridled sun Fiddles and suffuses our flaccid corn Let it rain on the paddock’s of the lake On the subtle ducklings and bickering drakes Beneath the bleak clouds and supine trees On eroded… Continue reading LET IT RAIN


When the first rains shall comeTumbling down from the leaden skiesI shall dance under the downpourAs a sign of my heartfelt welcome I imagine how the moment will beNose breathing in the freshnessGoosebumps dancing on soothed skinSilvery rivulets, sluicing downVestments clinging oh-so-lovingly Rain-soaked weight tugging this way and thatMy feet tapping a beat on sodden… Continue reading THE FIRST RAINS


Cascading tears of heaven Unto earth is given Breaking her clogs Pleasing the gods With more edibles Upon their tables… This same blessing Of late turned to mourning When an army, hungry, From these tiny tears, many, Ate up the whole land Leaving us with wet sand… So today again As the sky begins to… Continue reading RAINDROP