POET OF THE WEEK: RULES OF THE GAME by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

One at a time is the step of life Take a leap when you get to a pit Else, down the pit you’ll dive When you resurface your bearing is lost. Slow and steady is the race of life Never look back ‘cos it’s lost and gone When you meet setbacks, make a dive Bypass… Continue reading POET OF THE WEEK: RULES OF THE GAME by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu


I am black I am black and I love it I am black In this skin I am proud I am black I am proud of the value possess I am black In me, a lot is shelved


O child of endless potentials farther than the horizon Let the iron-cap covering you thoughts fly away like a hopeless hawk Into the lifeless desert … It shall hover, until the earth stands still For inevitable, is your arrival Hearing your cries the forests mourn Your humiliation causes the sun to shed tears Upon your… Continue reading BLACK CHILD


Charcoal! I hear them call me. But unlike the coal, I’ve got beauty within. Black, that’s just the color of my skin. Cut me first, to know the color I will bleed. I am black and am proud. I’d stand out in a crowd. Call me a walnut! Liken my skin to its cover. But… Continue reading ROUGH DIAMOND


Bureaucracy of greedy county men Slaves of power Freedom of pain Shameful dark girls Resent the power of their language Discriminate the choices of their leaders Mock the original truth of their existence Dark girls who paint their masks with light torching colors Approved by soldiers of perfection Dark girls who reject the rich plate… Continue reading DARK GIRLS