I flinch from our gullibility; Made vulnerable by our love for sentiments Who forced us down into This putrid water to swim? We, the people who elect To elect and empower them – bigots to shepherd us We are the drummers And the praise singers Why then do we scorn At their dancing steps?


Empty hopes sunk in bloody impoverishment Battered, brutalized by ‘GeePee’ tank bellies They escort the gold to fatten their pulse And package poverty to bless the shallow forks Boko harms Nigerians, slaughtered as rams Parents are orphaned, children made childless R.I.P becomes an anthem, fear floods the green fields As we earn terrorism, stoke and… Continue reading OUR MOTHERLAND


Her power lies between her thighs and mandates the army trailing her tails If the lustrous desires of their heart she fills then her luster goes with the mist and her mystery, with history. Written by: Sanni Zee Zee Zeynab Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson