A FAMILIAR SONG by Awoniyi Rasheed Olajide

Lone man sits on a hill and thinks

I listen carefully; This melody is a soothing song on the lips of a whirlwind, And a banquet of festival for sands, branches, and leafs each to its own swirl, dancing fiercely in the ire of a storm. Drumbeat of thunderclaps parades the eyes of a sober cloud sending fort teardrops that takes shelter on… Continue reading A FAMILIAR SONG by Awoniyi Rasheed Olajide

FOR AN UNSUNG HEROINE by Theophilus Femi Alawonde

for Lois .I. Alawonde, a multi-talented teen, who died of an unknown sickness, on the 11th of September, 2012. I write this as a song, for an heroine, unsung. She had uncommon talents, she was heavenly sent. She could beautifully sing, draw, design, she could do all without a flaw. Her character is what made… Continue reading FOR AN UNSUNG HEROINE by Theophilus Femi Alawonde


Frimpomah sits at the bank of Ankobra Eyes feeding the river with tears And Ankobra drinks with no fears Frimpomah sings a dirge “You them boys swimming You them girls fetching You them women washing If you see my mother Tell her I wait for her body.” “You them boys swimming You them girls fetching… Continue reading THE RIVER TOO DRINKS


The morning after he was buried I stood alone beside the grave Breeze softly romancing my cheeks Smell of moist earth filled my nose I was deeply lost in thought Her tenant was a friend Muted in the morning of his career By a drunk behind the wheel Killed also were his unplanted seeds Impairing… Continue reading GRAVE SIDE

FALLEN STAR (for Chinua Achebe)

Things fall apart, the centre can no longer hold The living embers in the hearth have grown cold The Lion on the rock has gone beneath An Eagle has fallen by the Grim Teeth Petals of our Pride in frost lay Threnodies travel with the One on the Lost’s Way In cornucopias our wails abound… Continue reading FALLEN STAR (for Chinua Achebe)