Where has Domnei gone? It’s been quite some centuries, Domnei. Please show your face. Noble and chivalrous, Secret but passionate was once the expression of love. Trysts in secret escalated mentally and were morally elevating. But since we last saw Domnei It’s been more physical nothing more than free time to explore and occupy positions… Continue reading WHERE HAS DONMEI GONE?


All around me I see the faces that are hurting I hear the hearts splintering under the weight of your betrayal Everything once shared fast withering into nothingness Visions of a future with you teetering on the precipice of expulsion I feel the trust – once so priceless – disintegrating Fragments of it blowing away… Continue reading FORGIVENESS


Winners have emerged in the Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize 2013. Several poets from all around the world heeded the call for submissions. Submitted poems were top quality, touching on every aspect of social change. It was a close contest. So close that 11 poets made the shortlist, instead of 10. After the second round, the… Continue reading EOPP2013: THE WINNERS


Billy-bill, My little kid -inside all day, please stay! Finzy-fin, The grown old fox -had been outside, all day! Danny-dan, My caring mum -thanks for this, you say! Finzy-fin, -only came to play -he had been lonely all day! Billy-bill, Fox and goat don’t play -sworn enemy, are they! Finzy-fin, Sees us as prey -he… Continue reading FALL FORETOLD