TENSIONS by Victor Igiri

… with eyes still offloading yesterday’s affliction he sprouts before the cock yawns, robes out flawlessly in multiple sighs, wings swiftly like the eagle though in legs in this unripe morn But who cares anyway, come rain, come shine, so long he meets the Lord’s demands! Hours later, He wars his way through in stretched… Continue reading TENSIONS by Victor Igiri

AN ODE TO JEZEBEL (by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode)

The Holy Bible says, ”who is he that sayeth a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord God of Hosts has commanded it not?” It says, ”who can lay a charge before God’s elect? It is Christ that justifies”. It says ”who can separate us from the love of the Lord” and that… Continue reading AN ODE TO JEZEBEL (by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode)


They passed and stood by under Molete bridge’s news stand their eyeballs romancing the dailies without mercy Chanting in different sounds that rapes my ears roughly… Jobless men going for stroll school ‘boiz’ of scattered uniform youths awaiting jamb result touts under the bridge and some unidentified pathetic fellows argued as though it’s serious, beating… Continue reading THE NEWS AND THE LOOSE


Gray scalpel, gray slaughterers Comb sideways of melding cow blood and brine, seriatim, Stroke gold-yellow kerosene swells, possessive of the streets. Burdened omnibus stabs the broken motorway, Retracts to crouch en route for the mischievous hawker- Belly swollen from hunger The hovering dust pleats the road Tar holds sway, smoky rust, like confounded wraiths, possessive… Continue reading IN LAGOS HOURS


Kester had his eyes on bustly Lagos, His dream it was to join the Air Force. Said a friend, “If you join the Air Force Make sure you don’t act with FORCE.” Aye says Kester, “The Air Force would keep me focused And save me from being lost in society’s blinding dust.” Someone said, “The… Continue reading KESTER’S AIR FORCE DREAM (by WRRPoetry FAMILY)