RHYTHMIC WAVES by Jesse Asonze

Heartbeats fluctuating like tandem Pulsating in sync with attached electrocardiograms Eyelids fluttering in short bursts of reflexes All culminating in rhythm and poetry Sinners occupied by wicked acts Homosexuals impaling themselves with phallic rudiments Mercilessly pummeling their rectums Deny it not, amplitude is observed Runners taking strides towards victory Pendulums oscillating back and forth Sounds… Continue reading RHYTHMIC WAVES by Jesse Asonze


I’ve been inspired By the air that men breathe To bless all men, without grief Irrespective of what the man breed To give without appellation To all, irrespective of the nation I’ve been inspired By the beauty of the sun Whose glory radiates all the earth Making everywhere an hearth Easing men from the nagging… Continue reading INSPIRED


I feel like writing something but First I need to get inspired So I pick paper and pen, sit on my butt And wait to be inspired But wait! What will inspiration require Before it inspires? What if inspiration expires In the middle of writing, won’t I end in a quagmire? I desire to write… Continue reading INSPIRED


Like the drops of rain on a thirsty ground Like the gleaming moon in the darkest night …inspiration comes! It is… the instigator of our pen a light unto their paths a song in their mouth as the truths of the world (and the lies too) become characters on paper Without inspiration I am like… Continue reading INSPIRATION

MUSIC (Man’s Unique Skills In Creation)

 I love it more than food, it is my best nutrition It nourishes my thoughts and flourishes my meditation It whispers to my soul with the best of modulation Music is the compass that guides my navigation I follow its track because it points to the right direction It is my best companion, perfecting my… Continue reading MUSIC (Man’s Unique Skills In Creation)