You’ve stitched tears on our faces And has made us to tread On the walkway of anguish You have weaved sadness on our hearts After stitching optimism of empty promises On our unclad mind You have clothed us With black attire of poverty As you murder prosperity away The homes fought for by our ancestors… Continue reading THE TAILOR


Their empty palms wait a token, Their tear-filled eyes bore, They beg – in voice broken… … Tell me; why do they clench – These ten fingers of yours, Offended by the stench? Say it; why do they turn – These twin eyes of yours, Restless and full of scorn?


I see them roaming daily in my neighbourhood children with childhood yanked off discarded like orange peels decorating our filthy streets Bit by bit we transform them into prolific vagabonds street urchins, inductees of our infamous hall of child abuses drug abusers and prolific sex workers! We birth them let them roam about like baby… Continue reading LOST CHILDHOOD


Their faces shone with smiles Laughter that never sinks into the heart Right hand gave Left hand struck the blow We are shown meat Scorpion is the gift Jacuzzi is their pool In saliva we bathe Praises before their table Daggers between our backs AC is the breeze Mango tree is our relaxation spot Carrying… Continue reading WORLD APART