Stars twinkle softly Like fireflies on summer nights When loving eyes meet The dew, hail and rain Like arrows shot by Cupid Pierces the earth’s heart Soldiers’ unknown fears Hidden flames behind the eyes As they march to war Written by: Kunle Omope


Bee, a sting insect Should it be big as beetle? Its bites would have killed Harmful scorpion! Should its size triple the crab? It will sting deadly Loudly crowing cock Wonder, if sizes like peacock? Its crows would deafen Denounce wickedness Allow dove to perch on you And perch in your mind A lightning glow… Continue reading HAIKU STANZAS


I. Ticking strokes excites New beginnings Moonlight dims II. Last day of the year Limps off Old ties passing III. (Mirror Haiku) Fire works In the sky New curtains New curtains In the sky Fire works IV. First day of the year Teeth baking On a roasted beef Written by: Showunmi Olawale Michael Edited by:… Continue reading GREAT HAIKU MOMENTS

SO YOU WANNA WRITE HAIKU? (by Daniel Kosower)

Haiku is based on simplicity, and simplifying what is complex. Haiku in it’s most simple expression with the one voice the rhythm of Hai Ku,  a simple yet fascinating art of the Samurai Warriors. The rule is simple, it must be consistent from beginning to end; much like a swing of the Samurai sword must… Continue reading SO YOU WANNA WRITE HAIKU? (by Daniel Kosower)