I am a gift for the tough part of the street. I am the words of a beggar, the pleas on his face. I am the dirty spills that lingers in the blouse of a trader I am the sweat dangling on an ‘Alabar’s body on a cold afternoon I am the future of unlearned… Continue reading A GIFT FOR THE STREET


Walking through the streets and slums Beautifully dejected Highly populated I wept! I wept for souls dwelling in Untold hardship Children poorly bred begging bread. In the slum tears of anguish Perverted poverty dwell happily In the slum, where flood of abuses flow Leaving mocking mouths wide open Causing havoc Lo! In the slum, Life’s… Continue reading GHETTO MANSHION


Rivalry noise made on jam-packed street Of pot-holes and water filling feat Welcomes you to the database of quarreling lives, The Ghetto, where true hard-life lives… You can’t survive being a mumu Either castrated by Hemp-Indiana or marijuana You have to learn a trade Of gun toting or bottle breaking for survival… I’m an omo-ghetto,… Continue reading OMO GHETTO