AFRICA WITH NO CULTURE: by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

I saw faint voices Pinching my eardrum from the underworld, Sour souls of siblings shouting for shelter In this parched and thorny weather. I hear juveniles lamenting the death of their future After their mothers breast could no more hatch for them milk But black bloods for infants to chew. Doom crawled upon their lineage… Continue reading AFRICA WITH NO CULTURE: by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

OUR FUTURE [Our Future] They came, they always doinviting us to listen to their Oriki and witnessthe crumbs they feed their conscience. we sat, for hours, attractedand often consoled by Item No 7. Our only certain benefit in this parody. They are proud, to have impressedmen that are not their peers when we raise questionsthey are… Continue reading OUR FUTURE


In spite of lack and loses The pounding pains of privation Even as danger and disease afflict Or failure and fear assail Never forget to celebrate today If the future becomes bleak And the sun goes down suddenly When the dream flies away Self-pity and condemnation conspire The heart struggles against burdens All comfort flee… Continue reading CELEBRATE TODAY


After many years… The ghostly presence of restive breeze rushed passed like students scrambling for shitbox space in a lecture room, under this tree Their legs are still tall and beautiful; fair, fair and dark. Lipsticks brushed on our undergraduate shirts, and full breasts boofered and we bloated. Then a car sped across the shade,… Continue reading RECOLLECTIONS OF THE FUTURE


Snares and temptations lie in ambush; The journey to self-realization and self-perfection Is fraught with too many dangers Education is the ammunition against their snares. It’s the potter that reshapes the clay of human resources, It’s the leveler of men, decider of our fates It’s the torch, lighting paths that feet stumble not It’s the… Continue reading GET EDUCATION!