HAPPENINGS: Aremu Adams Adebisi

Wailings of children, Faces of sadness, Mournings of siblings, Bitings of regrets; For land is bloody In endless bombings. ‘Had I wishes’, ‘Had I knowns’. Laments of fathers, Dirges of mothers, Sorrows of brothers, Rapings of sisters; For land is bloody In endless bombings. ‘Had I wishes’ ‘ Had I knowns’. Rallies of leaders, Convincing… Continue reading HAPPENINGS: Aremu Adams Adebisi


The world is a burning pyre Trees once seen as shrines consumed by the raging fire It is the mighty Iroko, raised his head a shade too high incurred the wrath of thunder A high priest falls in the fire The flames reach high, licks his beards, singes his blood stained wrapper Behold the demons… Continue reading THUNDERBOLT


Voices on the mount Nyiragongo of Congo. Voices maimed in the genocide of Rwanda. Voices observing the guerrillas of Uganda. Voices silenced in the apartheid of South Africa. Voices navigating the nebulous Nile of Egypt. Voices of tan women raped in the Chadian war. Voices bathing in the cascading falls of Zambia. Voices swimming in… Continue reading VOICES OF AFRICA


What a wonderful world! A beautiful composite of opposites: Behold nature in her beauty And man in his foolery Ravaging everywhere like a colossus; His heart, dangerously obnoxious Who can understand the pit? Heart of darkness! Earth of blessedness! What a wonderful world! Written by: Oladipo Gbenro Eyitayo Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson