KAYEEFI by Yemi Osadiya

After KAYEEFI was born and bath Her veil was as tattered as a torn net Only a few friending shame vowed partnership. As time crept to welcome stages Her emergence and nature became a star She fights moral at every quarter Riding on the wings of civilization Her Veil peeled off, now in pure nakedness… Continue reading KAYEEFI by Yemi Osadiya

MOREMI AJASORO by Ololade Akinlabi

Taking thoughts backward, Reminiscences of ancients; They are lost in memories Pieces left are hymns in holy papers Perhaps, discos are the better dance steps. Taking thoughts backward, Ancient archives plied through wind Whirling wind, in my memory they lodge, Descedants of living sculptures we are We are, offsprings of a heroine; MOREMI AJASORO. Night… Continue reading MOREMI AJASORO by Ololade Akinlabi

GATAN AREWA by Ken Mamman

Taka a hankali Most beautiful Yarinya yar north-side Sarautar ki is not what we see everyday Yours is in the zuciya They see you but can’t look at you Your beauty brightens the day Of those that like tagumi It shines so brightly that Even the sun cannot contest The moon is so jealous Of… Continue reading GATAN AREWA by Ken Mamman

ALMAJIRI: THE HAUSA MALE by Theophilus ‘Femi Alawonde

The very day that Audu was born, his father said, ‘I will not raise a son!’ So the day he became five years, he was sent out admist his sisters’ tears. He was given a small hollow plate, and was told not to return home for food. He was to fend for himself as a… Continue reading ALMAJIRI: THE HAUSA MALE by Theophilus ‘Femi Alawonde