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What If [What If…]

What if fate was a man clothed in the same fabric of dust
Giving secrets of how he became that vital force
The undefeated against whom all bow, bound to conform

What if there was no sun, darkness like a big black blanket covered the face of the earth
The moon and stars shared the skies, an infinite independent power source
And like broken pieces of diamonds sparkle all day

What if there was no gravity and humans could float freely
Ultimately flying and ascend into the very clouds, a world in the skies
Higher than where the eagles could dare, ending the age of flying metals

What if the whole of life was a book, mere thoughts of the littlest of an higher race
Men characters living in its pages, a moonlight folk tale written
We ancestors to this new era

What if we function on maximum power
Masters of the universal mind, accepting our god-like nature
Every thought becoming reality, at our very peak: faster, stronger

What if all creatures could speak, granted the treasure of a mind
Uttering their feelings; the plants, the birds and all there is
Fighting with their voices against cruelty

What if there was no paper money
Like oxygen prosperity I gift, no greed or corruption
Never in want, no reason to need

What if he never fell, never tempted, the tree in the middle remained invisible
Men flourished in glory and slept constantly on the arms of the source
Death never became our curse

What if there was no end?
The sands of time never counted, forever our starting point
Eternal beings, we never was created

What if our ribs remained in place
We never slept, never could behold such beauty
And tap from the softness and tender words.

With darkness comes light, fear begets strength
Truth overshadows doubt, harmony tree from the seed of trouble
Life from death…

Written by: Arnold Agofure
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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