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UNTITLED (of politics and politicians)

They are the talented thieves of our time,
Innocent sinners who claim to commit no crime.
For ages they have fed us with truthful lies,
Coming to us for the throne in disguise!

My grandpa told me about their history,
These friendly looters who loot without mercy:
They have but one goal always on their mind,
Take a mouthful, a handful, leave a little behind!

Each year heralds a new appropriation bill,
A fertile ground for them to once again steal!
While we wait for the implementation of this,
They stash the best in a bank with the Swiss.

Our nation is more peaceful that the United Kingdom,
But every day we hear the sound of calm bombs.
Our leaders and their security do not sleep nor slumber,
And they’re always on top of the matter.

They tell us “this is democracy”
I say, “Anyone who believes this is crazy.”
For they rule neither for the people nor their problems,
But that they may be able to fill up their pockets!

After the turn of four calendars,
They appear humble as beggars,
Seeking our help to the throne,
To embezzle more of what is our own!

I’ve heard that youths are leaders of tomorrow,
And since childhood I’ve looked forward to that also.
But the beautiful ones are not yet born,
Because the aged are not yet done!

Only bills that suit them they enact,
A bitter reality, an undeniable fact!
But I know, one day it’ll all come to pass,
Even as I end this satirical verse!

meet the poet: Jude Uchella


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