TO LOVE A GIRL… by Olufunmilola Olubunmi Adeniran

It’s an impossible thing
to tell a boy
not to love a girl

to train his stuttering lips to speak
or still the ticking of his heart
when a dam breaks within him
and his blood rages like an untamed river

to say the least
to slow the beating of his heart
or hasten the sluggishness of his mind

when a smile steals across his face
in a dream and yet he is awake
when his legs refuse to obey command
and his feet go left instead of right

for he is completely unaware
when his eyes shine
and his breath is held captive
when light mirrors his joy
and dances on red rose petals
when speech divorces his lips
and his heart speaks a thousand words
which his thoughts long to say
but his mouth fails to echo

Pray, do not tell a boy
not to love a girl
For in that vein
it is impossible.

Author: Olufunmilola Olubunmi Adeniran


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    MamaHannatu says

    Absolutely awesome!

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