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They were much in haste
And weren’t gonna stay

Though they saw it
Yet couldn’t know a B from a bull’s foot

The horses are standing on one foot
How could they have stood for a long time?

The eagle is standing on two legs
Yet feathers spread out and ready for flight

The horses are hanging on just a hand
As it’s with a partial surrender

And stretching forth the other hands
As though towards their thigh pockets

Reaching out at will for
Greed, hatred and rivalry

The horses stand on opposite sides
What a big contradiction!
Like the bible and quranAnd the eagle flies away as the ghosts

Of the slaughtered brethren

Each time the horses pull out a bible and quran respectively
What stops their cohabiting!

Twas a partial surrender
We should have known

There’s disorderliness
The eagle is scared to perch

The horses are backing each other
And good to go

Because they are tired
They couldn’t have stood much longer
Twas a partial surrender
Maybe by chance

Many yell
Let them go their separate ways!

Or stand on their both feet
Raising their both hands

As with a total surrender
And peace will come to stay

Partial surrender

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