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I GREW AROUND THIS TABLE: by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

Our dining table round
It brings us around and bound
Seats not far from the center reach
Six beautiful chairs, one for each
A table cloth to cover and adorn
It was colorful though one side torn
Our dining table smooth veneer
Carefully protected at least for a year
Red rose flower in the middle placed
Dad and Mum sat opposite faced

On the plateau of our dining table

Showed Daddy’s pocket was stable
Sugar, milk, Milo, bread, custard
butter, fruits, peanuts and salad
We ate well and lived good
Watched cartoons of Robinson wood
We grew faster and soon were old
Then we saw everything go cold
First to vanish from our table was custard
Sarah didn’t like it, she became blustered
Dad said our school fees had gone high

So Mum compensated with our chicken thigh
As days passed, so did our salad and fruits
No more cartoons, GTV showed a man with his flute
Mum forced us to join her fasting
No more breakfast, water was lasting

We grew older to a naked table
Which was ripped off its cloth
We saw how the family unstable
And its veneer destroyed by moth
Today its broken and parked backyard
I smiled at it and kissed it back hard

I GREW AROUND THIS TABLE by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

Author: Oppong Clifford Benjamin

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