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THIS DANCE by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

My words have taken a stroll along this lonely night,
To visit the scanty chambers in your heart;
My fingers have caused these serene desires,
Causing shivers through the spine of my guitar strings;
My lyrics are the fading rhymes, kissing the rhythm of these lonely sounds,
But all these I do, just so a smile from your face could stop by and give me a hug, to swing along the tattered roads of this journey.

I see darkness converge ahead of your memory lanes,
halting every thought on a voyage along your future.
Your smiles have fallen off the royal chambers of your jaw.
But let me be the idle Moon to radiate your lonely Night.
I will tell a tale of your solitary eyes, even in my dying lyrics.

Although your past have left you to nurture the stings
of your solemn journey through this thorn filled aisle,
The delightful future which once danced around your memory lane like a naked damsel,
Is now the reason you have lost your sight on the journey ahead,
But I am here, not to steal away the pain, but to nurture your wounds, till they die in the cold arms of healing.

I can tell what you see by looking into your eyes,
But even when the past is just a rotten egg dumped in the pit of illusions,
Do not give it away, for only that past can tutor your present
and nurture your future, till it becomes a place where the whole world comes to dine.

Open that door which leads to your heart and make it a palace for one,
Give joy a chance, and see your tears suffocate in the hands of freedom.
Let me sing this song into your ears,
each time the day and night comes visiting,
And let us see the genre of dance we could make your future dance,
But there is one thing I am certain about, that
This dance will never be a dance of regrets.

Nigerian Poetry - AFRICAN WOMEN by Mesioye Affable Johnson

Nigerian Poetry – AFRICAN WOMEN by Mesioye Affable Johnson

Author: Mesioye Johnson Affable

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