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NIGERIA by Obodokasi Adehtem Agbor

I touch her feet, I freeze,
I touch her palms, I freeze,
I kiss her lips, frost, like ice in between teeth,

I touch her neck, I burn,
I caress her thighs, I burn,
I nibble at her nipples, huge mountains of fire.

I climb her body, I am pricked,
I roll to her south, thirsty rivers,
I roll to her north, drowning deserts,

I breathe in her ears, my lungs waste away
I look in her eyes, my eyes are a pool of blood
and my heart leaps into that pool and drowns,

I love you, I love you to Venus and back,
I love you, I love you to the sun and oh I am burnt,
Nigeria, your love makes me sick.



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