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CLANDESTINE LOVERS by Prince Nwachukwu

He stares endlessly at her with winks
She tries to resume his stares at her
He discovers her eyes have been steadily at him
Then they smile as their sights trap each other

They are clandestine lovers in an open world
So deeply buried in love’s fold
But coyness parries their companionship away
Sets them gasping for strong breath
And leaves them panting hungrily each day

When on any day they fortunately interract
The sounds of their voices come around to distract
Chiming so lovely like a temple’s bell
The receiver beams melodiously with jingle smiles
While the heart sinks deeply into love’s well

There in ceremonies and gatherings
Though there be spaces in each’s dwellings
Yet would fear never allow them to closely sit
But they would endeavour to face each other
Dangling their eyelids when their eyes tend to meet

One may ask why they wouldn’t reveal their affections
But their love-mode was catching attention
They have feelings for no other but themselves
Got jealous when any of them talked to another gender
They could really feel the weight of their waves

CLANDESTINE LOVERS by Prince Nwachukwu

CLANDESTINE LOVERS by Prince Nwachukwu

Author: Prince Nwachukwu

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