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BENUE BESIEGED by Victor Igiri

Are we humans or Animals?
Maybe both, but I may choose the latter
for with drought eyes swollen from a marathon tears I wear,
and thorned a flesh, can you not behold tearfully?
And what joy again to dwell longer with knived ancestry,
forever piecized by pasturers who rips fiercely with the black charm,
blades and other death arsenals,

Peace, long afar from us
and slaves, we are remade by ‘bororo, muturu, bunaji…
and void of any dignity we are slaughtered worse off Cows.

Where are they who would speak us out of shatters?
How long a silent captives shall Bloods roost?
How long a bondman should our fury be when upon us war They declared and busy our ears with war tunes days and nights long?
Perhaps, seraphs we ought to live eternal
while we become aliens to ancestry or root out from our land of Nativity.

Black horrible times yet in sight for with us are ‘brood of vipers’, those who sit and do little, and more, chickening out precious World joints and ever more, trample our joy, the joy of black Greenland.

Peace we hope,
this peace, a mirage
But sweet tales of old Agatu, Logo, Guma,
The Igbudu Taraka, Akor, Bakin Kwata…
and a million before long faded
with requiems, now a dark companion of all and no longer native to gray casualties.

Who should salvage,
Ortom, Buhari, both, or threesome?
APC, PDP… or ‘Change?
Nigeria. No.
A nation of abattoir we behold!

Our bloods are unioned with our farmlands,
Our tears, the juice of your vegetables and fruits and our basket, food full for the Nation and mixed with our cracked flesh and red-Hot blood.
Eat, drink, and say or do nothing
In my ears I hear the tearful cry for vengeance.

Peace upon us,
Heaven, I pray Thee.


Author: Victor Igiri

Victor Igiri is an award- winning Nigerian poet and essayist, and a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a creative entrepreneur who aims to “die empty” leveraging on his skills and talents to create positive impact on earth. He is a poet contributor for Independent Newspaper, Lagos,, and a host of other websites where he shares his poems and inspirational articles. He is the administrator of Purpose Driven Youth Network, a website and Facebook page that is aimed at inspiring people, especially the youths and teenagers in making impact in life.
His poems have been anthologized in various spaces; nationally and internationally.

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