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A SLEEPER’S TESTAMENT by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

To have lived, laughed and loved,
Dipped in life’s lucky dip,
Trusted the truth and in it’s light have walked,
Yet, had moments of savoury blip.

To have tilled and toiled the earth,
Earned from endless hustle and bustle,
Lonely, longing for an hearth,
A home for when hustle wears the muscle.

To have had a chest of pain,
A skin bathed by the sun
and a mind dried in the rain,
And eyes always yearning for the dawn.

To have waited for that dawn and
had cold nights without a shawl,
Hoping that the dark nights will end,
And yes! The night ends it all.

Alas! the day’s sun dies,
Shutting it’s eyes for the night,
The man’s body, in oblivion lies,
Numb and numbed, as life takes flight.

Now, sleep my eyes two,
Dreamland I’m off to,
Where in the numb hours,
My wishes would bloom flowers.


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