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A SAILOR’S TALE : THE DRUNKEN POET by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

My head was set afire
My mind swarm in muck
My eyes twiced my vision
And I saw for meself a maiden image

She was to me heart
As the rum is to the stomach
Me tongue flipped in me mouth
And emotions came pouring out of it

How loyally I tell her so
That she was the one that twirls me head
And not the rum
But she think me a liar and pointed to the bottle

My rum depends on my life
No, my life depends on my rum
I told her so
But she shook her double head at me and walked away

I reached to grab her
But the floorboard listed
Oh! The effing boat rocks! I screamed
But she lurched forward quickly

Mama shed her tears on me
And I rebuked her harshly
She hasn’t done that lately
The girl snickered

Wait! You drunken cow!
I yelled after them
Her twin was suddenly with her
But she flicked her long shoulder over her broad hairs

I leapt after the invite
Like a puppy after a fluffy ball
And hasten to grab her hand
But the effing boat rocked again

In me mind, she patted my cheek
With the patters of her tears
And a huge grin swallowed my frown
Methinks she digs me

She helped me up
And staggered swiftly away
But I caught up with her
after running a thousand miles

She stopped and turned her adorable face towards me
She moved her lips closer and
I grabbed her shoulders
to stop her from kissing me

“Hey!” I screamed into her face
“You’re the most adorable slattern
That chanced upon me”
I said sagely, grinning to meself all the while

Then she kissed me mouth with her spit
And hurriedly crossed the road
Ah! A challenge methink to meself
And ran excitedly after her

We married ten days later,
And meself had never felt happier
To have such a delightful wife as me own
The beddings witnessed our consummation that night

Dawn came too soon
My head weighed a fortune
But I laughed happily
And grabbed me half emptied bottle from beside me in the gutter

A SAILOR'S TALE: THE DRUNKEN POET by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

A SAILOR’S TALE: THE DRUNKEN POET by Adeosun Oluwapelumi

Author: Adeosun Oluwapelumi

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